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BDFV as a Value-Added Resource - Our services go beyond average plaintiff funding methods because we strive to build long-lasting relationships with the attorneys we work with.  We connect the gap between industry experts and attorneys by advancing the necessary capital needed for expert costs and directing them to medical and insurance experts that specialize in evaluating catastrophic injury cases.  They add value to cases by revealing additional policy coverage and using evidence-based medicine to determine the full extent of the client’s injuries. These value-added resources provide a strategic risk management tool that allows clients to mitigate their injuries and obtain a fair damage award at the resolution of their case.


Typically, personal injury attorneys operate using contingency fee agreements, and often require capital to pay for court and expert costs throughout the pre-litigation stages up until the case is later settled or tried in court.  We utilize the highest level of consciousness in caring for your client’s needs with our transparent and fair funding model. Case cost funding is a type of non-recourse advance that offers lawyers an efficient way to cover the cost of litigation.

We put the best interests of our clients first and understand the importance of seeking medical attention after being involved in an accident.  Medical funding can help a client get necessary medical treatment by covering surgical/procedural costs, co-pays, and expenses post-surgery during recovery.  We offer financial solutions that suit the client’s unique circumstances and customize funding arrangements that are tailored to the client’s needs.



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