Behind on bills waiting for your case to settle?


Black Diamond Funding is based on a quick and simple funding model and can even offer same-day approvals in certain cases upon the receipt of necessary documents for review.  Client’s can conveniently use DocuSign to provide electronic signatures that are accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet. Funds can either be directly deposited into a bank account or mailed via FedEx overnight delivery, to ensure that our clients are getting their money as quickly as possible!


Our fees are calculated quarterly from the date the funding agreement is executed and cap at 100% after the first year.  


Litigation funding places a disadvantaged plaintiff in a better position to settle, or try, a case and obtain a higher reward in the long run.  Cases that are inevitably delayed and last longer than expected typically result in a burdensome and costly litigation process for the injured party.  Consequently, it forces a plaintiff to accept any settlement being offered to maintain the cost of litigation low and sometimes precludes the plaintiff from the opportunity to gain the access to a just and fair outcome for their case.



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