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Top Reasons to Sell Structured Benefits

A structured settlement is a type of settlement (be it from an personal injury lawsuit, worker’s compensation claim, lottery win or other similar event) that, rather than paying money in a lump sum, pays a certain amount of money each month or year until the entire balance is paid. In some situations, this is fine. However, there are many reasons why you may prefer to get your payment in a lump sum instead of waiting months or years to have it paid off in full. Consider these reasons why it may make sense to sell your structured settlement and get the cash you need today.

  • Inability to work: If you have been injured or disabled in an accident, you may not be able to get back to work and earn as you did before the incident. A lump sum could make a big difference to your family’s finances.

  • Avoid foreclosure: If you are in danger of losing your home due to foreclosure, the terms of the structured settlement may not get you the cash you require as quickly as you need it. Selling your settlement could help you save your home.

  • Shortened life expectancy: You may find yourself facing a shortened life expectancy due to an accident or illness. Getting the money now could enable you to get the care and comforts you deserve while you're able to enjoy them.

  • Medical expenses: Are you facing hospital bills or the possibility of future medical costs? You may not be able to wait for your structured settlement to pay off. Transferring it to a structured settlement funding provider could help you get the care you need.​

  • It's unfortunate, but once a structured settlement  is complete you often can’t change the terms themselves. Allow Black Diamond Funding to help you get the money you need NOW. Contact us at 844-352-2274 today and let us help.

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